This is not an outdated early 90s website nor a contemporary art project. This is the humble portfolio website of Claudia Raupach. A Berlin-based digital communication strategist, editor, social media manager and digital consultant. Hi! 👋 Thanks for passing by! You must know Claudia in person? If not, an even warmer welcome to you! Starting to get in the mood of this website? Great! So let’s get back to business. Claudia has working experience in creative concept and strategy, content, editorial, communication services and social media. She has been working with creative agencies such as Kooperative Berlin, clients in the art scene, like Berlin Art Week, Performing Art Festival Berlin and Urban Nation Museum Berlin, political players and NGOs. She also works with publishers, magazines and blogs. Still reading? High Five! Beginning to l.o.v.e this wasteland of text? Well, Claudia loves you back.❤️ Here is her number: 0049 163 62406 01. Just give her a call right away or drop her an email at [email protected]. Claudia could help you out with heaps of stuff i.e. develop and implement your digital communication strategy (G/E), create creative online and social media content (G/E). Especially during depressive autumn and winter times does she love to write (G). So get in touch if you need creative text support, articles or press texts. Get also in touch if you wanna discuss with her the importance of meme culture, social media wellness or the benefits of user generated content for your own project. Go on then. Send that little greeting that’s on the tip of your tongue. She isn’t as busy as this website might make you think. 😂 Find her also on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.